Noah J

Condition: Kidney Damage
City, State: Central Point, OR
Club: McLoughlin Middle School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 386
Date Adopted: 11/04/2014

Noah's Story:

Sweet baby Noah was born on March 29th, 2014. Noah is a very smiley baby who loves music and likes to dance and is very aware of voices and people. In fact, because of his happy demeanor and adorable looks, one would never know that Noah has a serious medical condition and has had a rough start to life.

At 19 weeks in utero, tests revealed that Noah had a distended bladder, which indicated that there was a blockage somewhere that was damaging his bladder and kidneys. Once little Noah was born, he spent his first three and half weeks in the NICU and endured his first surgery (to repair a valve) at only 6 days old.

On April 18th, 2014, Noah endured another surgery, this time to have a MIC-KEY port installed to better receive nourishment. Noah has a tube feed for 10 hours every night, plus several feedings throughout the day in order to help him continue to gain weight. Noah is currently taking 12 different medications (which often cause skin rashes and other problems) and has blood draws and lab tests every week. Noah has been hospitalized twice and has to travel to Portland often for ultrasounds and checkups.

Noah’s right kidney is larger than his left one and his left kidney has several cysts. Because of the damage that has been done, Noah’s family has been told that he will need a kidney transplant sometime between the ages of 1-18 years old.

Even in the face of this news, Noah’s family is full of hope and faith for his future. Little Noah instantly warms the hearts of all who have the privilege of meeting him.

Noah will be adopted as a Sparrow to McLoughlin Middle School in Medford. Students will work hard to raise money for Noah through sponsored community service and fundraising projects.


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