Nicole D.

Condition: Anoxic Brain Injury
City, State: OR
Club: LaPine High School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 1035
Date Adopted: 8/25/2011

Nicole's Story:
Nicole was a happy, healthy toddler who loved to play with her parents and hang out at her grandma and grandpa's house. When she was 16 months old, her life would change forever. While spending time with her grandparents, Nicole managed to sneak outside. It was several minutes later when her grandparents found her face down in their fish pond. Nicole was rushed to the hospital where doctors inserted a trach tube to help her breathe and determined that she had been without oxygen for at least 10 minutes causing irreparable brain damage. Nicole's parents had faith in their daughter's ability to fight and did whatever they could for her. She remained in the hospital for 5 weeks. Nicole began therapy 3 days a week and was put on lots of medications to keep her calm and relaxed. Her parents put in endless hours working with her to keep her from developing lasting effects. About a year later, her trach tube was removed and she had surgery to help keep her throat open. Nicole was eventually able to reduce her therapy to one day a week, and she received her first wheelchair when she was 5. Nicole is an extremely intelligent young lady thanks to her parent's diligent efforts. She is working on talking and says a few words but is learning to sign as her main form of communication. She has learned how to eat and drink on her own, even though doctors said she never would. She just received her first manual wheelchair which she is learning to push around by herself. Nicole enjoys all the usual things a 12 year old girl likes. She loves to go shopping, especially for clothes, and wearing pretties in her hair. She enjoys spending time with her little sister, Ashleigh, and camping with her family. Sparrow Cash raised for Nicole will be used for ongoing medical expenses as well as improvements to her home to make it easier for her to use her wheelchair.


Rebound Physical Therapy, LaPine;  Drug Mart
Rebound Physical Therapy, LaPine; Drug Mart

MidState Electric, LaPine Health Center
MidState Electric, LaPine Health Center