Neveah N.

Condition: Cerebral Palsy
City, State: OR
Club: Patrick Elementary School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 293
Date Adopted: 2/04/2008

Neveah's Story:
Nevaeh is a 22 month old girl who has Cerebral Palsy. At 3 months old, her parents noticed that she was having difficulties lifting her head and seemed overly stiff and fussy. Doctors diagnosed her and since then Nevaeh has progressed in many areas. She responds to voices and loves to laugh. She has undergone several surgeries and is now fed through a g-tube. Nevaeh has hip dysplasia and will probably need surgery in the future. Nevaeh's big sister Sierra, attends Patrick Elementary and they are excited to adopt her as their sparrow. Sparrow cash raised will be used to help with uncovered medical expenses and therapy equipment, travel expenses to out of town Dr appointments and basic family needs.


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