Nelson O.

Condition: Medulloblastoma Brain Tumor
City, State: Seattle, WA
Club: Kennedy High School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 8208
Date Adopted: 2/13/2017

Nelson's Story:
Nelson is a 14-year-old boy who was diagnosed with a medulloblastoma brain tumor last year. He is being treated at Seattle Childrens Hospital and is cared for by his brave and faithful mom, Ovidia.

Aside from courageously fighting cancer, going through radiation, chemo and surgery to remove the brain tumors, his tender soul and charisma have shown all who know him that he truly is a warrior.

From a very early age Nelson was diagnosed with a chromosomal abnormality. He had heart murmurs from birth, and didn't learn how to walk until he was over 3 years old. Despite these obstacles growing up he has tried to live his life as normal as possible.

Nelson attends middle school in a special education program and truly enjoys learning, but mostly loves his teachers and classmates. Unfortunately, he's not the same boy anymore due to the treatments he's undergone. He has always been full of energy, loud, happy, friendly.

Even though Nelson cannot talk he has always found a way to communicate with people and has enjoyed jumping around, laughing, clapping and having fun--showing great joy for life.

One thing hasn't changed in the midst of all his challenges in life is Nelson's curiosity. He's always loves discovering new places and sounds. Yet again, he faces another obstacle after losing much of his hearing due to the brain tumor and now has to use hearing aids.

Nelson has spent much of the past year away from school, his friends and doing the things he loves. He has endured more medical procedures as a child than most of us face in a lifetime.

Despite these challenges Nelson's mom and he are grateful for life and put their faith and trust in God.

Nelson is being adopted by the Kennedy High School student body as their Sparrow. This is the school's first project and Nelson's mom is incredibly grateful to have the even the slightest support and help. Ovidia struggles to maintain a work schedule while being Nelson's caretaker 24/7.

This family has been quite isolated, have transportation issues and face financial hardship--yet their faith and love make them a blessing to all who touch their lives.

Kennedy High School students have chosen to be heroes and leave a legacy of love to a boy and a mom who will be forever grateful and service to their community as an example for many to follow!


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