Condition: Two fractures in his spine & Spina Bifida Occulta
City, State: OR
Club: LaPine Elementary School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 256
Date Adopted: 7/23/2008

Mason's Story:
(3/5/09) Mason is a bright-eyed spunky little 8 ? year old boy who loves to be on the go all the time but is constantly in pain. He was born 8 weeks prematurely and was a twin. (His twin brother passed away from SIDS at 10 months old.) Mason began having severe back pain in 2007. After tests were done the doctors found that he has two fractures in his spine but still don't know why. They also found that he has spina bifida occulta. Following more testing he is also believed to have tethered cord which will require spinal surgery. He has been fitted for leg braces and goes to physical therapy once a week. Mason is constantly on pain medication and has recently been complaining of headaches too. He has an appointment with a neurologist on March 10th and hopefully they can get some answers. He also has learning disabilities so he's just dealing with a lot right now. Mason loves the outdoors and is a cowboy at heart. He loves his horse Lullaby, wearing his Carharts and cowboy hat, shooting his BB gun, tractors, and trucks, helping his dad buck hay, and even wants to ride in the rodeo! Sparrow cash raised for Mason will help with medical bills and everyday living expenses. His mom has to make two trips to Portland each month for his appointments and was recently laid off from her job (on January 9th) due to the slow economy. She has been cleaning houses part time until she can find steady work.


Jeanne Cailliez
Jeanne Cailliez Jeanne Cailliez