Mason G.

Condition: Juvenile Pilocytic Astrocytoma
City, State: Kirkland, WA
Club: Ben Franklin Elementary School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 89
Date Adopted: 1/16/2013

Mason's Story:
Mason was diagnosed with brain cancer in June of 2012. His diagnosis is an inoperable stage one optic nerve tumor and due to the proximity of his tumor it also affects the function of his pituitary gland.

When the diagnosis was given, the world changed for Mason and his family. Mason was admitted to ICU immediately for hydrocephalus and spent 6 days at Seattle Children's Hospital. Mason has two spinal cord fluid shunts placed in his brain; one the first week and the other later in August 2012 to prevent hydrocephalus. Initially, it was advised to take the “wait and see” approach and monitor with quarterly MRI's to determine if his tumor had stopped growing. The October 2012 MRI revealed his tumor had significantly grown and was threatening his vision. In the fall of 2012 Mason started chemotherapy treatment at SCH which were weekly infusions for six months.

Currently, Mason is undergoing a second less invasive type of chemotherapy treatment that started in November 2014. He has also started human growth hormone treatment for his pituitary gland function.

Today things are financially challenging but the family is grateful for each day NO MATTER WHAT. Lindsey, Mason’s mom works part-time for a wonderful engineering firm and the people she works with have been very understanding and supportive of the family. They feel truly amazed and inspired by the kind and loving friends in their community.

Facebook page for Mason can be found at:\masongordonhope


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Club is School Sponsored Club is School Sponsored