Luke L.

Condition: Dystonic Quadripilegia Cerebral Palsy
City, State: Ashland, OR
Club: Ashland Middle School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 348
Date Adopted: 9/28/2016

Luke's Story:

Luke is a bright young man in the sixth grade, but to some he is considered an old soul. After spending just a few moments with him, one can understand why he is such a radiant and brilliant human.

Luke was diagnosed, at a young age, with Dystonic Quadripilegia Cerebral Palsy. CP causes reflex movements that a child can’t control and muscle tightness that affects the whole body.

This amazing boy also struggles with a speech and language disorder that is associated with his Cerebral Palsy called Dysarthria. Dysarthria results from impaired movement of the muscles used for speech, including the lips, tongue and vocal folds.

Luke has been quite the warrior, being that his condition requires continuous treatments, a very recent SPML surgery, therapy, travel, and of course just a day-to-day iron will to persevere. Along with utilizing his “Talk Buddy” (electronic speaking device), he is also receiving therapy using the Anat Baniel Method (ABM). The ABM method is a neuro movement approach that has the ability to transforms the lives of patients. The therapy has proven to be incredibly helpful for Luke and now the ultimate goal… to get this amazing young man walking (and dancing!)on his own.

Luke is an absolutely brilliant and loving soul. Everyday his family, school aides, caregivers, teachers, and friends work together to help this young man achieve the highest quality of life possible. However, in the midst of serving him, each one of them has said that he has profoundly touched their hearts. Luke has a special way of reminding us to slow-down, to live in joy, and to give love.

One of Luke’s doctors stated, “Luke has a certain quality to him, he makes everyone around him a better person in his presence.” The one thing Luke was adamant others must know of him…he “loves his life.”

Students at Ashland Middle School have adopted Luke as their Sparrow, and will be working hard and volunteering their time in honor of this warrior of a boy.


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