Logan E.

Condition: Hemophilia
City, State: Talent, OR
Club: Talent Middle School Sparrow Club Service Hours:
Date Adopted: 10/30/2015

Logan's Story:

Logan is a very active and social 1-year-old little boy who likes to swim, loves his dogs, and loves spending time with his grandparents. Having such an active toddler can be a challenge for anyone, but for Jason and Darcy, Logan’s parents, it can be especially challenging and concerning. This is because Logan has a rare and severe form of hemophilia called “hemophilia B factor IX deficiency.” Logan is missing a specific protein that causes blood to clot properly. Because of this, Logan has less than 1% clotting factor in his blood.

Logan was diagnosed with this genetic disorder when he was 6 months old, after his parents continued to notice unexplained bruising on his body. Logan also seemed to be in pain, especially in his leg, but it was hard to determine where the pain was originating. Doctors soon discovered that Logan was bleeding internally, which often happens with this disorder.

Logan can bleed spontaneously and heavily, so he has to be more careful than most kids his age. Hemophilia is a lifelong genetic disorder, so as he grows, he will have to live a certain way, limiting himself from certain activities, such as playing contact sports.

Logan takes a special medication twice a week through a port in his chest, which helps his blood clot the way it should, but each dose is very expensive and only lasts 12-18 hours.

In spite of living with this disorder, Logan is a very happy child who radiates joy with his deep blue eyes and playful personality.

Logan will be adopted as a Sparrow to Talent Middle School. Students at Talent Middle School will work hard to make a difference in Logan’s life through sponsored community service and fundraising projects.


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