Lily M.

Condition: Severe form of Epilepsy
City, State: Tigard, OR
Club: Southridge High School Sparrow Club Service Hours:
Date Adopted: 3/11/2013

Lily's Story:
Lily is a vibrant 11 year-old girl who was diagnosed with a life threatening neurological disorder when she was 5 years old after suffering 2 seizures on the soccer field. Lily has a severe form of epilepsy, which is a seizure disorder. Although she was diagnosed at 5, doctors believe she had it as a baby; she was born over 8 weeks premature. The condition went undiagnosed for 5 years, which worsened her condition. Lily's most serious seizures are nocturnal which happen most often during her sleep. At present, she suffers several seizures per week. Lily currently takes over 21 pills per day in an effort to help stave off her seizures. So far, this treatment is not completely successful.

Lily is attending public school this year, after spending a year in home school and receiving home care. Her parents, Jim and Jen, made this decision because it is a performing arts school and Lily has responded well in the past to art therapy.
Lily's disorder is one which isn't apparent on the outside, which is challenging. Most people assume that looking "normal" means someone can't have a life threatening disability.

Lily is a trooper. She has a huge personality and doesn't let on that she struggles each day just to function like a regular kid. Due to her condition, Lily has to refrain from doing many activities most kids enjoy. She cannot play video games as they can trigger her seizures. She cannot do much of anything alone (swimming, riding a bike, even going for a walk). She cannot play sports with risk of head injury. She has to be conscious of movies and lighting, such as strobes or special effects in movies as these, too, may trigger seizures.

While her parents remain hopeful that Lily's condition will improve as she gets older, this is becoming less likely. Lily may not be able to drive or live on her own, but she still can lead a happy and productive life.

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