Condition: Ewings Sarcoma
City, State: OR
Club: Rosemont Ridge Middle School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 523
Date Adopted: 2/11/2008

Kiersa's Story:
(2/11/08) This beautiful little girl was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma, which causes tumors to grow in her bones, just before her third birthday earlier this year. The painful tumors have focused near her tailbone, which has made it impossible for her to walk and also effects her bladder. The tumors also push against some nerves, which requires her to be on pain medication constantly- something no 3 year old should have to go through. Her family came from Montana, but now live in Portland because Kiersa has to frequently visit the Doernbecher Children's Hospital for treatments. At this point, she has about 10 more chemotherapy treatments to go and doctors will reevaluate at that point. Normally with Ewing's, after the chemo they usually remove the bones where the tumors are, but it is extremely difficult in Kiersa's case because of the location, and therefore unlikely. Before this came upon her, Kiersa's favorite thing was to swim. She still loves to sing and playing princess! She also loves to bake and help in the kitchen. She is surrounded by supportive siblings and two great parents. They will use Sparrow Cash to pay for medical and traveling expenses, as well as basic family needs.


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