Karter F.

Condition: Heart Transplant
City, State: Auburn, WA
Club: St Monica School Sparrow Club Service Hours:
Date Adopted: 9/04/2013

Karter's Story:
On October 4, 2012 a beautiful baby boy was born in Roseburg, Oregon named Karter Fisher. Two days later he was airlifted to OHSU in Portland, Oregon. Baby Karter was diagnosed with three different heart defects one of which was Epstein Anomaly, a rare defect and the other two were not as unusual but having the three together was rare. The entire family was devastated to learn that Karter would have to undergo multiple surgeries to correct the problems. When Karter first arrived at OHSU there was hope that a surgery could correct some of the problems. Surgeons teamed up to review Karter's case, being a rare defect made it very difficult but surgery was scheduled. The surgery had to be canceled due to Karter getting an infection in his blood stream, so the family waited for four weeks of antibiotic treatments to clear the infection. Another surgery was going to be scheduled but after an electrocardiogram was done, surgery to repair his heart was no longer an option for Baby Karter. The heart valve that was being kept open with medications was starting to close. The family was given three choices: do a surgery that only gave Karter a 20% chance of survival, let him pass, or try to get him on the heart transplant list. A very hard decision was made by Karters mom, Danielle, to give Karter a chance of life. She chose to put Karter on the heart transplant list. Little Karter was such a fighter he deserved that chance. The Doctors at OHSU contacted some of the best children's hospitals nationwide to see who would take Karter so he could be put on a heart transplant list. Karter was accepted at Seattle Children's Hospital so Danielle and Karter were taken by ambulance to Seattle the day before Thanksgiving on November 21, 2012. The Doctors evaluated Karter and they did a hybrid surgery to put a stint in the heart valve to keep it open and then he was put on the heart transplant list on December 4th. On December 13th Danielle received the phone call that changed their family’s life! A donor heart was available and Karter was taken into surgery at midnight. At 1:30am the heart arrived and then at 4:44 am Karter’s new heart started beating on its own. The family is overwhelmed by the unselfish act of kindness from the donor family to let a piece of their little Angel live in Baby Karter. Words could never be enough to let the donor family know how grateful Karter’s family is to them.
UPDATE: Karter is now 11 months old, 28 inches long and 18 pounds. He has shown no sign if rejection from his heart transplant. He did have to go to the hospital for a high fever and high heart rates but other than that he is doing amazing.
Karter and his mom Danielle still have a long road ahead of them so please continue to keep them in your thoughts and prayers.


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