Jayden G.

Condition: Congenital Heart Disease
City, State: Molalla, OR
Club: Evergreen Middle School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 942
Date Adopted: 3/04/2019

Jayden's Story:

Just seven hours after Jayden was born, nurses noticed something wasn’t right and she was quickly whisked away so doctors could perform tests. She was immediately transferred to Randall Children’s Hospital via ambulance. Further testing revealed she had congenital heart disease, which caused several heart defects that needed to be repaired. Jayden had her first open-heart surgery when she was just three days old. Doctors placed a conduit in the heart to help Jayden’s heart function properly. In order for her heart to function, doctors had to leave her chest open for three days before it was safe to close her chest. She had to stay in the hospital for 28 days before she was able to go home.

The next few years consisted of several hospital stays and keeping an eye on her heart. When Jayden was two, she had a stent placed in her heart to help open up one of her arteries. After that, it was regular check ups every six months until last year, when it came time for her second open heart surgery. Along with a few other things that needed to be fixed, the conduit needed to be replaced and her stent needed to be opened up a little. At the time, doctors believed it would be several years before anything else needed to be done.

However, that was not the case. On September 24, Jayden got a strep infection in her blood and it spread throughout her body infecting her heart and attaching it to the conduit doctors had placed in her heart. Jayden spent over two months at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, where her fevers continued to spike. Feeding tubes were placed along with a PICC line to give her body the antibiotics she needed.

It has been an up and down cycle for Jayden. As of November 7th, she was finally able to go home. Jayden still has the PICC line, feeding tube, and has weekly blood draws. Jayden has a 50/50 chance of having to endure a third open heart surgery in the next couple months. Doctors must monitor her condition closely to see what she will need.

Despite everything, Jayden loves the things all little seven- year-olds do, like playing with baby dolls, barbies and toy food. She loves animals, playing in the snow and going to the beach.

She will be adopted as a Sparrow to Evergreen Middle School. Students will work hard to teach others compassion and raise money for Jayden through sponsored community service and fundraising.


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