Condition: Undiagnosed form of dwarfism
City, State: OR
Club: Trinity Lutheran School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 355
Date Adopted: 9/08/2010

Jayden's Story:
(12.08.10)Jayden is the firstborn child of Chris and Jenney Charon and, to them, she is a miracle. Three weeks prior to her due date, Chris and Jenney received the devastating news that their little girl had a problem. Her arms and legs were measuring way to small for a baby this far along and her chest cavity was not its normal size. They were immediately sent to Sacred Heart Hospital in Eugene for further tests. What they found was that their unborn child had one of three possible forms of dwarfism and that she probably wouldn't live. Three weeks is not a very long period of time but to the Charon's, it was a lifetime. On the morning of June 16th, Jenney had a scheduled induction. Today was the day they would find out whether their child would live or die. Amazingly, before the induction, Jenney went into labor on her own and a few hours later, Jayden Christine Charon was born. And she was alive! Doctors immediately began assessing Jayden. Her lungs were small but they were working. She was placde on medicine and a device called a C-Pap to help her breath. The doctors told the Charon's that Jayden would need help with breathing for 3-6 months, possibly more. Another miracle, she needed them for only 2 ? weeks. Today Jayden is a beautiful little girl with a shining personality and is such a joy to see. She is breathing well on her own, but has a feeding tube to help her with eating issues that result from her small chest cavity. She also sees various therapists a few times a month to continue to help her improve and grow. She will be seeing a geneticist soon to find out exactly what form of dwarfism she has. Until that time, her prognosis is not known. But, to her parents, Jayden will always be their little miracle. Sparrow cash earned for Jayden will help to pay for the continued medical care and therapies that Jayden will need as she grows.


Jeanne Cailliez
Jeanne Cailliez Jeanne Cailliez