Henry X.

Condition: Cancerous Abdominal Tumor
City, State: WA
Club: St Monica School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 1335
Date Adopted: 9/28/2009

Henry's Story:
(9/28/09) Lihua and Henry came to Seattle from China in August 2008. Mom is a visiting scholar at the University of Washington on an educational visa. Both Lihua and Henry speak English�(but somewhat broken over the phone). In January 2009 Henry was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his abdomen. He has been receiving chemotherapy and surgery and many weeks of radiation at Children's Hospital in Seattle. According to the referring social worker they virtually have no income for the many expenses and no support from home or family in America. They will eventually need to move out of RMH where they have assistance and find a place to live near Childrens as well. They will need some furniture and basic household items. Henry has Medicaid covering medical expenses at the hospital. They are greatly appreciative of any help they can get.