Condition: Atypical Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumor
City, State: OR
Club: Terra Linda Elementary Sparrow Club Service Hours: 511
Date Adopted: 2/13/2009

Hayley's Story:
(2/18/09) Hayley Kramer is a beautiful and amazing little girl. She is now three and has a lot of life and energy, despite having a rare form of brain cancer, atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumor in her cerebellum. She was diagnosed in August of '08 and is showing great signs. Typically, children with this do not make it past a year of diagnosis, but Hayley has more hope than that. She currently takes chemotherapy, radiation and other treatments as well. She had a very successful brain surgery, that removed ALL of the tumor (first time ever with this kind of cancer!). She absolutely loves spending time with her family! Her parents are Brendan and Jennifer. Hayley also is a brand new big sister, with Samantha being just a couple months old! At first you may think she is shy, but once she is herself she loves to dance, sing and show off her zest for life. She loves all things pink and purple, Disney princesses and the movie Madagascar. Even though her appetite is down now, she loves cottage chees and vegetables! Her family will use sparrow cash to help cover utilities, rent and basic living costs.


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