Gracie M.

Condition: Meckel’s diverticulum
City, State: Eagle Point, OR
Club: Eagle Point Middle School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 970
Date Adopted: 10/24/2019

Gracie's Story:
• Gracelyn is a spunky 6-year-old girl who loves pink and purple, her trampoline, and playing in the water. She loves to sing and does so most of the time.

• Gracelyn was born with mild cerebral palsy. She also experiences sensory disorders, is on the autism spectrum, and suffers with severe reflux issues. Gracelyn has had to receive CPR several times due to choking.

• Gracelyn also suffers with a condition called Meckel’s diverticulum, which means that part of her intestines were tangled in a knot. She had surgery to remove that section which saved her life. Without it she would not have been able to eat or drink.

• Gracelyn has many medical challenges and has been described as somewhat of a medical mystery. Doctors continue to run genetic tests with the hopes of discovering exactly how to treat her medically.

• Currently, Gracelyn needs assistance while eating and doing everyday tasks. She is mostly non-verbal, but is learning sign language. She also lost the hearing in her left ear due to an infection when she was four.

• In spite of all her medical challenges, Gracelyn loves life. She loves her family, swimming, and her favorite things are shoes.

• Gracelyn will be adopted as a Sparrow to Eagle Point Middle School. EPMS students will have the opportunity to work hard to raise money for Gracelyn’s ongoing treatment through sponsored community service.


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