Condition: Autism
City, State: OR
Club: Sisters Middle School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 445
Date Adopted: 8/26/2008

Florentina's Story:
(3.16.09) Florentina is a young lady with Autism, she is NOT Autistic. She resides in Sisters Oregon with her mom Andrea, big brother Clifton, her dog Charlie and two kitties Lucy and Mr. Peepers. People need to look past Florentina's outbursts and screams. She may be tired, or because of her sensory issues may be reacting to certain lights; loud noises; open spaces; food, chemical, perfume and other strong smells; too many people talking at once, babies in diapers, or just trying to process what task she was asked to do. These sensory overloads can be intense and overwhelming to include making her very nauseated. Florentina also has incredible intuition knowing when someone is uncomfortable around her which also makes her quite upset. When you step into Florentina's world you will find a young lady who understands what you are saying, a person with an incredible sense of humor, a person with the ability to navigate computer software programs without guidance. You will be left with the echo of her contagious laughter, competitive nature with sports and just wanting to belong. Story: Florentina is a very talented creative soul � she is known to tell stories of her life through her artwork. She creates every day through drawings, paintings, and computer renditions. Florentina has been known to "design" belts and other accessories using computer graphic programs. � Music plays a significant part in her life � she loves to sing and dance. Florentina creates Drum Sets and Guitars out of TinkerToys and other objects she finds laying around so she can jam along to her favorite Rock band videos. � She is very athletic with baseball being her all time favorite sport, with playing Ultimate Frisbee with her big brother Clifton and his buddies coming in close second. Florentina's favorite baseball team is the Atlanta Braves; she wears their hat every day. She also likes to go to football games. � Florentina's favorite holiday, which is no surprise to those who really know her, is Christmas. We have Christmas trees and stockings she has created hanging in the house. When it rains she asks if it is going to snow yet so she can get out there and roll up a snowman or two. (Or have a snowball fight!) � Friends are very important and hold a special place in Florentina's life. She is lucky to have great friends who include her, love her, and accept her for who she is. They get together with Florentina at home to swing, kick the balls, jump on the trampoline, and just hang out. � Like most kids her age Florentina loves to watch movies and cartoons � Dora the Explorer, Blues Clues and Fairly Odd Parents top the Cartoons with Uncle Buck, Elf, and The Santa Claus (with many others) for movies. � Florentina enjoys school this year with P.E. being at the top of her favorite classes where she participates in activities including weight lifting and running. She spends time on the computer, math, reading, English and has school jobs like delivering messages to teachers. Dr. Alejandro Contreras, of The Evergreen Center in Oregon City, has been a champion of Florentina's treatment and recovery plan. Florentina has a monthly protocol that exceeds $400 out of pocket some months, with increased costs for updated tests. Sparrow cash raised for Florentina will also help with medical costs not covered by insurance and everyday living expenses.


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