Ella M.

Condition: Optic Pathway Glioma
City, State: Ridgefield, WA
Club: Columbia Adventist Academy Sparrow Club Service Hours:
Date Adopted: 11/29/2021

Ella's Story:
Ella is a giggly and cuddly little one-year-old girl who loves to be snuggled close.

When Ella was just 7 months old, her parents took her to the doctor after they noticed some unusual eye movements.

It didn’t take long for doctors to discover that Ella had a large tumor that had spread throughout her brain and spine.

Ella was diagnosed with an Optic Pathway Glioma. Surgery was not an option because the tumor had spread throughout the brain and spine.

She started chemotherapy treatments immediately. The goal is to simply shrink the tumors.

Because Ella is so young, it is difficult to know the full effects of the cancer. She has some vision impairment and struggles with motor skills.

Despite all the pain and struggles with side effects from the treatments, Ella continues to put a smile on the faces of those around her. This will be a lifelong journey for her as she fights this battle.

Ella will be adopted as a Sparrow to Columbia Adventist Academy. Students will work hard to raise money for Ella through sponsored community service.


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