Eli G.

Condition: Brain Tumor
City, State: Gresham, OR
Club: Lakeridge High School Sparrow Club Service Hours:
Date Adopted: 3/05/2014

Eli's Story:

Eli was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer on August 22, 2012, when he was only four years old. The doctors gave him 30 days to live, unless he went through intensive and strenuous brain surgery, radiation and chemotherapy treatments. Even with those procedures, his chances of survival were less than 30%. With the treatments came with possible side effects—including loss of hearing, vision and mobility.

Eli’s father, Elisei, was forced to choose between putting his youngest son through painful treatments or bringing him home to spend his final days with family. His father chose to have him fight, and the family has been fighting ever since.

After going through over a year of treatment, Eli was pronounced cancer free in September 2013. But the treatments came at a cost. Eli lost over 50% of his hearing and peripheral vision. He temporarily lost his ability to walk. His ability to fluidly move the left side of his body was also lost.

Eli, however, is so much more than the things that limit him. He is a child who has survived the impossible, and fills his life and the lives of those around him with love and laughter.

His condition has kept him from going to school, being able to play with his brother, and doing all the things little boys should be able to do. The treatment forced him to relearn the essentials we all take for granted—counting to ten and knowing the ABC’s.

Having a child with cancer can be taxing on a family. Being a single father, Elisei was forced to quit his job to be able to take care of both of his sons. Therapy and treatment are extremely expensive, and the family was forced to sell personal items to pay for these procedures. After over a year of these payments, the family is slowly working to pay off their debts and return to a normal life. They still cannot afford the treatment Eli needs now, to regain the mobility and speech he has lost. Their strength and determination are inspiring, as every day they aim to beat what is keeping Eli behind.

This is truly a wonderful opportunity for the Pacer Family to show our support for the Gale family. Our amazing students can help ensure that Eli’s future will not have to reflect his past. Our community has all the resources to help a family who has been through the worst, and help them find their wings.



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