Donny D.

Condition: Grade 4 Glioblastoma
City, State: Redmond, OR
Club: Redmond Proficiency Academy Sparrow Club Service Hours:
Date Adopted: 4/01/2020

Donny's Story:

• Donny is 4 ½ years old and has already been through so much in his lifetime. At a year and a half, his family made 6 trips to the Emergency Room with him in one month. On that last visit to the ER, doctors found a tumor. Donny was taken by ambulance to Randal Children’s Hospital for emergency surgery the following day.

• A biopsy of the tumor was sent to the Mayo Clinic and his family waited a few weeks for the results. The diagnosis came in December 2016. It was brain cancer, grade 4 glioblastoma.

• Donny began his chemotherapy in January 2017. Donny’s treatments were in Portland, and his family traveled back and forth for 2 years.

• After Donny completed 2 years of chemo and radiation, his scans came back clear and doctors removed his port. His family was so relieved. He did well for 9 months… and then sadly, the cancer came back.

• Donny now has a new port and G-tube for the new chemo medicine. If this new medicine doesn’t work, the family will have to do clinical trials as there aren’t any other treatments available right now.

• Donny has had 2 brain surgeries to remove what they could of the tumor. He has been on and off chemotherapy since he was 1 1/2 years old. He is tired most of the time and gets sick very easily.

• Even though Donny has gone through so much, he is a happy little boy. He is funny and loves to laugh… and make others laugh. He always tries to cheer others up. He loves dinosaurs, being outside, and going on adventures when he is feeling well.

• Donny will be adopted as a Sparrow to the Redmond Proficiency Academy. Students will have the opportunity to work hard to raise money for Donny’s ongoing treatment through sponsored community service.


Samuel A. DeLeone Charitable Trust
Samuel A. DeLeone Charitable Trust Samuel A. DeLeone Charitable Trust