Danyka L.

Condition: Bilary Atresia
City, State: OR
Club: Obsidian Middle School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 456
Date Adopted: 8/18/2011

Danyka's Story:
9.27.11 - Danyka is a beautiful little 4 month old who loves nothing more than to be held and snuggled by her family. Her big sisters, Payge and Bryanna, love their new baby sister and are a big help to their parents, Dave and Crystal. Danyka was born May 17, 2011 a happy little girl but a bit jaundice. Doctors dismissed it as normal newborn jaundice and sent them home. She went in for her 6 week checkup, where, despite still being slightly jaundiced, doctors again sent her home saying she was fine. By the middle of July, Crystal noticed that the jaundice was getting a little worse, then it would get better again, but it never completely went away. She decided to take Danyka back in to the doctor. They ran some blood work and determined that her liver enzymes were extremely high. They gave her some medication and sent her to Emmanuel Hospital in Portland. They continued with tests to try to determine what was happening to Danyka's liver. When they found it was not functioning properly, they decided to do surgery to take a biopsy and perform a procedure called the Kasai procedure. This was an attempt to fix the problem they believed Danyka had. The biopsy revealed that she had Bilary Atresia but that her liver was to severally damaged to perform the procedure to repair it. Danyka has now been referred to a hospital at Stanford in California where she will be placed on a list to receive a liver transplant. The transplant cannot take place until she is at least a year old, so, in the meantime, he will continue medication to help keep her liver function. She is currently on several different medications and must be checked by a doctor every 3 weeks. Sparrow Cash raised for Danyka will help with the extensive medical bills, the cost of the transplant and transportation and living expenses in Portland and at Stanford.


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