Coral S.

Condition: Cri Du Chat
City, State: Cle Elum, WA
Club: Cle Elum - Roslyn School District Sparrow Club Service Hours:
Date Adopted: 10/21/2016

Coral's Story:

Coral was born in July, 2015. She was a robust baby at 8lbs 1oz. While her mom Ahna's pregnancy had been normal it seemed strange that she come out with such a small head when Gunnar (dad) and Ahna are not exactly the small headed sorts. She was beautiful and no one said anything about her strange cat like cry as they left the hospital with their little bundle. After Coral's first visit with her pediatrician everything changed. The doctor told them. “I think your daughter may have a rare chromosomal disorder.” Ahna and Gunner could not imagine what this meant for Coral or them. They left and walked in silence processing what they'd just heard.

Coral Grace is diagnosed with Cri Du Chat or CDC or 5p- syndrome which in short is a deletion of the p arm of her 5th chromosome. It is something that affects around 1 in 60,000 births and many do not live past 1 year. As she ages they will help her in the best way possible to become the strongest, most functional person she can be- something many of us strive for anyway. There are effects from the disorder that will cause delay in speech, mobility and also comprehension.

In the midst of this, Coral's parents feel that God has smiled upon them. Giving them this beautiful child to care for who is so full of life. They expectantly look forward to each day they spend with her helping her grow and explore her world because she gets so excited and yearns for more and more. Coral is a veracious eater and she is so healthy. While there are things that she is struggling with such as crawling, walking and talking, she overcomes each one at her own speed.

Coral is currently enrolled in a program called Birth to Three which provides services such as speech, occupational therapy and physical therapy for children that have a developmental disability. Her family works with her team weekly on new strategies to help her hit the developmental targets. It may be beneficial for her to integrate more sessions with other therapists into their regiment as she ages to help her with the more challenging delays such as walking and talking.

As Coral gets older the family realizes they may face some obstacles. In order to overcome these, Coral will need a committed community of support around her little soul to remind her of what a light she is and how capable she is. It will be the Cle Elum kids around her that will inspire her and help her hopefully as she grows up.

Along with Cle Elum Schools and the students who adopt Coral, Suncadia has stepped up to make the project happen as the Sparrow sponsor--benefiting the entire Cle Elum community through the inspiration and service of local youth.


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