Condition: Brain Tumor
City, State: OR
Club: Redmond High School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 538
Date Adopted: 8/27/2008

Caden's Story:
(12/8/08) Caden has a large tumor in the center of his brain with unsure traces down his spine. Story: Caden was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He has a shunt (drain) in his head to get rid of excess fluid. He has undergone 2 intense brain surgeries at Emmanuel Hospital in Portland to remove the tumor and remove extra blood that is putting pressure on his brain. He experiences seizures due to the pressure. His family has to make frequent trips to Portland, and both parents are currently taking time off of work to care for him. Caden's sister is now in day care during the day, and is staying with grandparents when his parents go to Portland.


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