Brianna W.

Condition: MSRA
City, State: Redmond, OR
Club: Central Christian School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 1338
Date Adopted: 2/28/2012

Brianna's Story:
Brianna is a 17 year old senior looking forward to her graduation and the excitement of deciding which college to attend. But her life took a tragic turn that began just a few days before Christmas 2011.

On December 19th, she found what looked like an ingrown hair under her left arm. After a few days, the bump had become very painful and grown to the size of a baseball. She went to the ER where the doctor assured her is was an ingrown hair, lanced and drained it and sent her home.

A couple of days later, Brianna was having trouble breathing. Her mom took her back to the same hospital where she was diagnosed with Bronchitis and sent home again. The next day she was taken back to the hospital again as her breathing had gotten worse and black/grey spots had begun to appear on her big toe and the bottom of her feet. Doctors looked her over and sent her home.

On December 24th, Brianna is still having trouble breathing, more spots were showing up on her feet and her big toe was now black and twice its normal size. They decided to try a different hospital 100 miles away. They immediately suspected that Brianna had a severe infection called MSRA.

It was now December 27th and the infection had gotten so bad that it had gone into the blood stream and was affecting her heart. She was airlifted to Doernbecher’s in Portland to begin receiving the IV antibiotics she would need to fight the infection.

Brianna began to respond to the antibiotics but was still complaining of chest pains. On January 2nd, she suffered a seizure. She was raced into surgery to repair what doctors believed was a blood clot. What they found was that her heart was covered with MSRA. They began to do what they could to remove the infection when her aorta burst.

As doctors rushed to save Brianna’s life, she was without oxygen to her brain for 45 minutes. As a result, doctors have said that 50% of her brain is dead. The only parts not damaged are the areas that tell the heart to beat and the lungs to breathe.

Brianna’s parents are not giving up hope for at least some recovery for their daughter. Brianna will be transferred to Providence Child Center in Portland where she will spend time getting stronger. When she has more strength, she will be transferred to a rehab center to begin the long road of recovery one day at a time.

Sparrow Cash raised for Brianna will to cover ongoing medical expenses.

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