Condition: Born 4 weeks premature
City, State: OR
Club: North Medford High School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 443
Date Adopted: 8/22/2008

Benjamin's Story:
(12.17.08) Adorable, 3 month old Benjamin is currently facing a series of medical issues. Benjamin was born 4 weeks premature. He was diagnosed when his mother was 26 weeks pregnant with gastroshesis, a condition resulting in the intestines growing outside of his abdomen, which he had surgery to fix immediately following his birth. From there, Benjamin had weekly ultrasounds where doctors discovered excess fluid in his brain. He has had two shunts put in to drain fluid from his brain. In addition, Benjamin is missing tendons in his hands, which affects his thumb and fingers. He may have to have a tendon transplant in the future. Recently, Benjamin has been diagnosed with CRASH syndrome. Corpus callosum agenesis ? Mental Retardation ? Adducted thumbs ? Spastic Paraplegia ? Hydrocephalus In spite of all that he has been through, Benjamin is a happy, quiet baby that hardly ever cries. His precious smile lights up any room. For the 2008/2009 school year the students at North Medford High School are excited to adopt little Benjamin as their sparrow. Community service hours done by the students will help the family with medical and living expenses.


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