Condition: Kidney Transplant
City, State: OR
Club: South Middle School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 333
Date Adopted: 1/21/2009

Austin's Story:
(1/21/09) Austin is a sincere, intelligent teenager. But at 14 years old, he is learning to live a life far different from most teens his age. In October 2008, Austin's mother, Lisa, donated one of her kidneys so that Austin could have a kidney transplant. Unfortunately, his body is rejecting the transplanted kidney and Austin is currently in renal failure. He is on his third anti-rejection medication and doctors are working hard to find better ways to help him. When it comes to treatment, Austin and his family are on a week-by-week schedule, depending on weekly test results. Austin is enrolled in an online school to continue his education, due to the fact that he and his family often spend much time in Portland for treatment. Austin is determined to make the best of his situation and strives to continue enjoying life. He loves to read books, listen to music, and play video games, hoping one day to become a video game designer and programmer.