Condition: Myoclonic Tomic Seizures
City, State: OR
Club: Jacksonville Elementary School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 453
Date Adopted: 12/15/2008

Alisha's Story:
(2.02.09) Alisha was born on February 15th, 2002. At only five weeks old, she started having multiple, serious seizures, which would make her body rigid and her skin turn a pale blue. The seizures continued to worsen, at times causing her to stop breathing and and causing doctors to fight for her life. By three years of age, Alisha was having in between 20-25 grand mal seizures per day. She is now on medication that helps decrease the frequency of her seizures, but they still occur, usually in the form of drop seizures, where she will unexpectedly fall down. She can and does walk, but she has a wheelchair for safety reasons. Alisha is non-verbal and has trouble communicating, which has led her parents to consider attempting to teach her sign language. In spite of this, Alisa is affectionate with her parents and loves to be picked up and held. She also likes Sesame Street, bouncing on the bed, taking walks, and adores her 10-year-old brother Daniel. Students at Jacksonville Elementary will work hard to raise money for Alisha's family by completing hours of community service to others on her behalf. The seed money raised by students will be sponsored by the Jacksonville-Applegate Rotary Club.


Jacksonville-Applegate Rotary Club
Jacksonville-Applegate Rotary Club Jacksonville-Applegate Rotary Club