Condition: Rhabdomyosarcoma
City, State: OR
Club: Aloha High School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 2329
Date Adopted: 10/19/2010

Alena's Story:
(1.31.11) Alena is a beautiful little girl, both inside and out. She is very loved by her parents and sister, and everyone that spends time with her is touched in a special way. Alena is loving, kind, empathetic, intelligent, talented, and has so much to offer the world. On March 15, 2010 Alena was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare childhood cancer. Alena was taken to the doctor on Friday, March 5th, because Mom noticed her normally flat tummy was increasing in size. After some testing it was determined she had fluid in her abdomen, called Ascites. Initial testing of that fluid revealed abnormal cells which called for additional testing. When she also developed an increasing fever, she was admitted to Emanuel Children's Hospital on March 10th. Alena spent a total of 10 days at Emanuel Hospital as the doctors put her through many tests and procedures to determine the cause of this unusual abdominal fluid buildup. During her stay at Emanuel awaiting a diagnosis, she celebrated her 10th birthday in her hospital bed on Thursday, March 11. On Friday March 12, about 2 to 3 liters of fluid was drained from her abdomen, and a biopsy was taken to Pathology for testing. Alena was diagnosed with Group 4, Stage IV Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma which places her in the high-risk category. This is an aggressive soft-tissue cancer that affects children under 15 years old, and rare with only several hundred cases per year in the United States. Alena deserves every chance for life, healing and recovery. Her parents pray, plan, and expect that she will overcome this disease and grow into a lovely young woman. She is not alone in her illness, and has the loving support of her family and friends. Alena qualified for the COG ARST-08P1 clinical trial, which is an aggressive and dose compressed treatment plan to fight this cancer. This will be extremely difficult on her and her family. Mom & Dad are often stressed to their breaking point. Seven year old Kristine can feel lost in the shuffle and neglected. This is also financially costly for the family, above and beyond our medical coverage. Dad is the sole provider for this family and has taken much FMLA time off his job to emotionally support his family and handle the many decisions


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