Alana P.

Condition: Brittle Bone Disease
City, State: Redmond, OR
Club: Trinity Lutheran School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 836
Date Adopted: 2/01/2012

Alana's Story:
Alana was born April 14, 2010 a normal healthy little girl.    She enjoys most things a little girl  would including coloring, reading books, and playing with things that beep.  It was not until a year after her birth  that her parents, Matt and Mandy, began noticing problems.    One day, her older  brother accidentally stepped on her and fractured her tibia.  She spent three weeks in a cast.  Three more weeks after the cast was removed, she still wasn’t standing on her legs.  Her parents were concerned so they took her back into the doctor.  They found that the same leg was broken again in the exact same spot.
Around that time, her teeth began to come in.  Her mom noticed that they were a little different color and found that one of her teeth was chipped.  Alana was taken to see a dentist.  After an exam, he determined that she had brittle teeth, a condition knows as Dentinogenesis imperfecta.  He recommended Alana be tested immediately for Brittle Bone disease.
In September 2011, Alana was officially diagnosed with Osteogenesis imperfecta, or Brittle  Bone disease.  She had her teeth capped in September to help prevent further damage as well as a blood test to help determine which form of Osteogenesis imperfecta she has.    In October, Alana fractured her  tibia for a 3rd time and her femur as well.  She was in a “spica” cast for 6 weeks followed by a rhino splint.  She will be in this splint until at least January.    At that time, she will be measured for leg braces which she will wear for at least a year.  These braces will hopefully help to straighten the bones in her legs and help to keep her body weight from causing any further damage.
Alana’s prognosis is uncertain.  Her parents have a couple of options but are taking things one day at a time.  Alana could be wheelchair bound by the time she is a teenager but her parents are working hard to try to avoid that outcome.  There are experimental drugs that they could use but they have very serious side effects and uncertainties to them.  There is also the possibility of “rodding” her legs.  This is a procedure that requires the breaking of the legs in several places, inserting rods, and allowing the bones to grow back around the rods for further stability and support.
Whatever they decide, Alana has a long road in front of her filled with many uncertainties.  Right now the family is working to purchase a hot tub to help with therapy at home.  Sparrow Cash raised will go to help with this effort as well as ongoing medical care and living expenses.


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