Adryan C.

Condition: Traumatic Brain Injury
City, State: Medford, OR
Club: McLoughlin Middle School Sparrow Club Service Hours:
Date Adopted: 12/09/2016

Adryan's Story:

On July 28th, 2011, then 3-year-old Adryan was involved in an accident while playing at a friend’s house. After jumping off of a couch, Adryan landed wrong, hitting his head on the floor. He cried a little, but within a few moments, he was back to running around and having fun with his friends. Later during naptime, Adryan’s mother found him lying unconscious in his bed, and realized that something was terribly wrong.

Adryan was rushed to the hospital, where it was discovered that he had a skull fracture, along with an epidural hematoma (a traumatic brain injury in which a build-up of blood occurs between the brain and skull). Doctors performed emergency surgery in order to relieve pressure from swelling of the brain.

After the surgical operation, Adryan was flown to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital for continued care. During the flight, Adryan suffered a traumatic stroke, which, in turn, has left him mostly immobile ever since.

All and all this precious young boy has received eight surgeries, numerous other procedures, Botox muscle treatments, and some intensive therapy.

Now, at the age of eight-years-old, this beloved child and his loving family have found a great hope. Just recently, Adryan became a perfect candidate for an extensive therapy program located in the Portland area. It was at an evaluation therapy session where his parents heard the incredible words, “with this type of intensive therapy, we are hopeful Adryan will once again walk.”

Sometimes life has tragic accidents that leave us asking ‘why,’ but somehow strength and courage find their way to us. Adryan has found that and is recovering every day. This family has also found that courage to fight for their precious first born child. Now, it is our chance to stand with them and support them in this challenging but hopeful journey.

Adryan will be adopted as a Sparrow to McLoughlin Middle School. Students will work hard to raise money for Adryan through community service and fundraising projects. Funds raised for Adryan will help cover medical needs, frequent travel expenses, and will also help with the intensive therapy to get this young Sparrow walking again.


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