Abi Z.

Condition: Leukemia
City, State: Beaverton, OR
Club: Aloha High School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 607
Date Adopted: 4/02/2012

Abi's Story:
Hi, my name is Abi! I am a seven-year-old fun-loving girl who is now cancer free!! I was first diagnosed April 22, 2011 when I started seeing “mystery bruises” all over my body. When I went to the doctor to see what was wrong, they told me I had Leukemia. Leukemia is a form of cancer characterized by a large excess of white blood cells in the blood. That was a sad day, and the next few months were pretty difficult, in and out of the hospital all the time.
This past November, my sister Teylor & I took part in a bone marrow transplant. During the transplant, they put two needles into my sister and took bone marrow from her, and then they transplanted it into my body through an IV. I was awake for all of this! My mom said she could see the “new life” flow through my body. I was at the hospital for 53 days recovering. It was not fun being in the hospital for that long, and the only thing I enjoyed eating was the cheese. When Thanksgiving rolled around, there was no turkey for me! Two good things came out of staying at the hospital besides recovering- watching Harry Potter re-runs and I losing my front tooth! I met other nice kids at the hospital, and we would all play bingo together and win prizes.
I was so relieved to spend Christmas home with, my mom Michelle, my dad Fred, and two sisters Marissa and Teylor. Santa came to visit my house, for real and we were all on the news! It was so nice of you, students of AHS, to care for us during the holidays. Thanks for the great gifts.
So now, I am a new person with a new life. I enjoy spending quality time with my family, dogs, and my best friend who comes over every Wednesday. I have to go back to the doctors for check ups often, but I am so glad they removed my Hickman, a port with tubes that was under my skin in my chest. It hurt really badly!
I have just recently been told I am in remission, so I will go to 3rd grade at Chehalem very soon! I love coloring, watching TV, eating Dairy Queen, and bossing my little sister around.
I will be at my all time high this next November when my family and I get to spend vacation in Disney World, thanks to the Make A Wish Foundation. Until my big trip, I will be recovering. I still have a very weak immune system, and I will for the next few years.
Thank you so much, Aloha High School, for caring about me. My family and I could not get through this without your help and support. I may be cancer free now, but our medical bills are still huge. I love you guys and Safeway!


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