Robert M.

Condition: Severe Congenital Hydrocephalus
City, State: Phoenix, OR
Club: Grants Pass High School Sparrow Club Service Hours:
Date Adopted: 11/03/2015

Robert's Story:

When Robert’s mother, Jillian, was 19 weeks pregnant, doctors told her that tests revealed a great amount of fluid buildup in the ventricles of her son’s brain. Further tests brought confirmation, which led to Robert being diagnosed with severe congenital hydrocephalus before he was even born.

On April 22nd, 2010, sweet Robert came into this world, via C-section, weighing nearly 11 and a half pounds. His head was enlarged, measuring 52.5 centimeters. Shortly after being born, Robert was whisked away to surgery, in order to install a shunt in hopes of allowing the excess fluid to drain. This was the first of many such surgeries that Robert would have to endure, due to shunt malfunctions, infections, and other complications.

At two years old, Robert had a fibril seizure. After having two more similar seizures over the next two years, Robert was official diagnosed with a seizure disorder. To keep the seizures at bay, Robert receives seizure medication twice a day.

In the beginning, doctors delivered grim news, saying that Robert’s medical issues were so severe, that he most likely would not be able to do ever function properly on his own.

However, now at five years old, Robert can crawl and stand on his own, and is a very sweet and affectionate boy who loves technology, music, and watching videos. He also loves to be outdoors, enjoying trees, butterflies, and nature in general. Robert has a way of warming the hearts of all who meet him.

Robert will be adopted as a Grants Pass High School. Students at GPHS will work hard to make a difference in Robert’s life through sponsored community service and fundraising projects.


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