Condition: Cerebral Palsy
City, State: OR
Club: Summit High School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 1215
Date Adopted: 9/22/2008

Max's Story:
(12/12/08) Max was diagnosed at 6 months of age with Spasma's Nutans, in which his eyes bob in his head, and it will cause his head to bob as he's trying to see. He didn't crawl until he was 18 months old. Max outgrew Spasma's Nutans at age 2, but is still vision impaired and has vision therapy. Max was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at age 1. He has no balance, and cannot walk without aid. He uses a walker but prefers to crawl wherever he wants to go. He also has speech difficulties and uses a "talk box", an electronic device, to help him communicate at home and school. He attends school three days a week in Redmond. Max loves the Disney movie CARS and knows all the characters. He likes to play with trucks and cars and enjoys being outdoors. Even though he faces difficulties everyday he is a happy boy and very easy going. Sparrow Club money raised for Max's family will help with travels to Portland to see an orthopedic doctor, as well as three different pediatric neurologists. Also, Max's family hopes to make their shower handicapped accessible, install ramps to the entrances of their house, put a carpet pad in Max's bedroom to make it safer for him, and also want to install rails around their deck. Max needs new glasses and a better walker.


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