Lyleigh M.

Condition: Uveitis
City, State: Roseburg, OR
Club: Douglas High School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 395
Date Adopted: 2/01/2018

Lyleigh's Story:

Lyleigh (pronounced Lily) was born on November 28, 2011. This sweet bundle of joy has been a blessing and joy to everyone who knows her.

In 2015, Lyleigh’s parents noticed that she seemed to be struggling with her vision. She would place her books extremely close to her face, would bump into walls and furniture around the home, and would place her face very close to others when interacting with them.

Doctors discovered that this sweet little girl was suffering with an eye condition called uveitis. This condition causes the eye to become infiltrated with inflammatory cells. In Lyleigh’s case, the inflammation became so severe that it led to extreme cataracts in both eyes, causing her to be legally blind.

In 2017, Lyleigh endured several in-depth medical procedures including; a surgery to remove her cataracts, the removal of her eye lenses, micro scalpel surgery, and various other treatments.

The surgeries and treatments have allowed her to regain a good portion of her vision, as long as she is wearing her glasses. The hope is to continue treatments, to further correct her vision, and possibly have lens replacement surgery as a teenager.

Lyleigh and her family have endured a frightening journey, and one of the most difficult aspects of it has been the unanswered question ‘Why did this happen?’

Instead of focusing on why, Lyleigh and her family have chosen to press on and to remain joyful throughout it all. Lyleigh has not let her struggles keep her from being a bright, beautiful, and kind little girl.

Lyleigh will be adopted as a Sparrow to Douglas High School. Students at Douglas High will work hard to raise money for sweet Lyleigh through sponsored community service and fundraising projects.


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