Logan O-I

Condition: Pierre Robin Sequence.
City, State: Bend, OR
Club: Mountain View High School Sparrow Club Service Hours:
Date Adopted: 12/14/2012

Logan's Story:
Logan is a beautiful and happy little boy. He enjoys playing with his favorite cousin Kylie, riding his bicycle, and especially loves to go camping with his family. Just to look at him, you would never know all he has been through and the challenges he still has to face.

When Logan was born, he was diagnosed with a disorder known as Pierre Robin Sequence. Logan had a bilateral cleft which means that he had no roof to his mouth. He also had a much smaller lower jaw causing his tongue to flip back and cut off his airway. Because of this, he had to lie on either his side or his belly in order to avoid suffocating himself.

After 8 days in Bend, Logan was flown to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland. He spent 11 days there before being released to come home. He was home for about 2 weeks when his heart monitor went off 86 times in 2 hours. He was rushed the ER in Bend and immediately flown back to Portland. He was having a lot of central apnea problems that took a while to figure out. Eventually the family was allowed to come home after a couple of weeks.

Logan had few issues until he reached 4 months of age. At that time, he became strong enough to roll himself over and refused to be on his side or belly any longer. It was decided that he would have to have a jaw distraction done in order to help bring the jaw forward and keep the tongue from blocking his airway. Logan spent the next 3 weeks in Portland having his jaw broken twice a day for 11 days in order for his jaw to be moved. He then received a G tube to receive his food as he could not eat by mouth. At about thirteen months of age, he was finally able to have his palate repaired.

Because Logan was never able to learn how to eat or swallow, he now must learn these tasks. He goes to therapy everyday in order to help him improve. Doctors said they didn't think he would eat or talk on his own. With the help and support of his parents and his therapy, he is able to do both. Logan suffers from a heart murmur that is being monitored. He still suffers from sleep apnea and cannot sleep on his back. He is due to have another jaw distraction where his jaw will be repeatedly broken again to allow it to grow forward some more. Because his jaw will never grow on its own, it is a procedure he will have to endure many times until his body stops growing.

Sparrow Cash raised for Logan will help to pay for ongoing medical and travel expenses, therapy costs as well as everyday living expenses.


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