Condition: Brainstem Tumor
City, State: WA
Club: Emily Dickinson Elementary Sparrow Club Service Hours:
Date Adopted: 4/04/2011

Kaylie's Story:
Kaylie was a healthy, active, normal 5-year-old girl until February 4, 2010 when the vision in one eye became blurry. An MRI revealed a pontine glioma, (DIPG) a tumor in her brain stem. This tumor is inoperable, grows fast, and has no cure. Her family is currently enjoying every day to the fullest while her body tries to win this battle with cancer. Kaylie is so sweet and kind, a little on the shy side. She loves being around kids and has one brother, Dylan, age 4. She loves animals, especially kitties. She has a "kitty room" at home and the family fosters cats from the King County animal shelter. Kaylie loves anything to do with Super Mario and when she dresses up, its always a mario character. She likes snakes and lizzards, ladybugs, butterflies and rainbows. She is a Rally kid for the Rally for childhood cancer research foundation which raises money for research, and a member of the Bikers Fighting Cancer motorcyle club. She currently is on chemo and steriods, both wisch reduce her immune system and she takes them at home.


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