Condition: Cerebral Palsey, Seizures, Scoliosis
City, State: OR
Club: Central Point Elementary Sparrow Club Service Hours: 283
Date Adopted: 6/16/2008

Kaylena's Story:
(4.6.09) Six-year-old Kaylena loves to cuddle with her mom and dad and is generally a very happy little girl. Her happiness shines through despite the many struggles she has faced nearly all of her life. Kaylena began having seizures at only four months old, and at age 2, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. In addition to this, Kaylena suffers from scoliosis and has been in a brace or body cast since she was 1 year old. Soon, she will need surgery in order to repair the hole exists from recently having a feeding tube removed, and doctors say that she most likely will need a future surgery to help reverse the affects of her scoliosis. Kaylena does not walk or talk but finds ways to communicate her needs and her love to her parents, family, and friends. One of the biggest needs for Kaylena and her family is a reliable car that will safely get them to and from Portland to see Kaylena's doctors- a trip the Branam family makes once about every other month. Students at Central Point Elementary will work hard to raise money for Kaylena and her family by completing hours of community service to others on her behalf. Funds will be used to help purchase a reliable car and possibly help pay for general family expenses. Biomass One, a wood waste cogeneration plant in White City, will sponsor the Central Point Elementary Sparrow Club. Biomass One has pledged the funds that students at CPE will be challenged to raise for Kaylena.


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