Hailey M.

Condition: Stage 4 Myofibroblastic Sarcoma
City, State: Medford, OR
Club: North Medford High School Sparrow Club Service Hours:
Date Adopted: 11/14/2014

Hailey's Story:

Hailey is a beautiful, outgoing, funny, and active 15-year-old girl, whose love for life is contagious. A sophomore at North Medford High School, Hailey is involved in sports and leadership and has participated in Sparrow Clubs before, actively working to support previous Sparrows in our community.

However, Hailey’s peers will now have an opportunity to rally around her as she is facing the biggest challenge of her life. Because of her bright smile and positive outlook, one might never know that Hailey is fighting for her life against stage 4 myofibroblastic sarcoma…a type of cancer not usually found in kids.

On January 8th, 2014, Hailey and her family learned of her diagnosis. Hailey’s cancer began in her right knee, in the form of a tumor intertwined in the main muscle. Since this first discovery, the cancer has spread into Hailey’s lungs and into her lymphatic system. Unfortunately, traditional chemotherapy treatment is not working. Since diagnosis, Hailey has endured five surgeries involving her knee and her lungs. Although Hailey has no outward symptoms and is generally not in pain, she will have to endure additional surgeries to try and remove nodes that are still in her lungs. Doctors also say that amputation of Hailey’s right leg above the knee may be needed.

In the midst of this heartbreaking reality, Hailey holds her head high and is determined to fight and to encourage others while doing so. Hailey says, “A lot of people focus a lot on themselves…but really, there are people out there that are going through worse than you.” Hailey’s heart and outlook are truly an inspiration.

Hailey will be adopted as a Sparrow to North Medford High School. Students will work hard to raise money for Hailey through sponsored community service and fundraising projects. Funds raised will help Hailey and her family continue to do whatever it takes to fight this battle with cancer.


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