Christian G.

Condition: Vein of Galen
City, State: Beaverton, OR
Club: Aloha High School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 777
Date Adopted: 2/09/2015

Christian's Story:

Adorable Christian was born on September 27, 2013, but because of dangerously low blood sugar, he was admitted to the NICU at only 3 hours old. Doctors scheduled an emergency MRI. This test unexpectedly revealed a rare malformation involving a vein deep in his brain, called “Vein of Galen.” Normally, veins are connected to arteries through capillaries. Vein of Galen malformations occur when capillaries are missing, causing veins to have to connect directly to arteries. This direct connection creates a great amount of pressure in the vein, which causes the heart to have to work too hard. As a result, sweet Christian suffered cardiac failure and pulmonary issues.

Christian was given a 7% chance to live. He was rushed into brain surgery at only four days old. Over the next three months, he received two more brain surgeries, suffering a stroke during the second. Christian’s condition has resulted in vision loss and developmental delays.

However, recent tests seem to indicate that his vision is improving and, thanks to regular rehabilitation therapy sessions, he is making gains developmentally. His latest milestone is clapping his hands and even saying some words.

Although this journey has been a difficult one for Christian and his loving family, giving up has never been an option. Christian is a fighter and his family is determined to continue doing whatever is necessary to help Christian continue to beat the odds. Christian brings joy to those that meet him and is an inspiration to all who hear his story.

Christian will be adopted as a Sparrow to Aloha High School in Beaverton. Students will work hard to raise money for Christian through sponsored community service and fundraising projects.



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