Brynlee C.

Condition: Premature Birth
City, State: Bend, OR
Club: Summit High School Sparrow Club Service Hours:
Date Adopted: 12/20/2013

Brynlee's Story:
Emily and Josh were expecting their beautiful baby girl on November 22, 2013. Emily was going to continue to work full time as long as she felt good. Everything was going well until Emily woke up on August 8th. She was just 24 weeks along.

Emily had a regular appointment at noon that day but a quick call to her doctor landed her directly in the ER. She quickly received an ultrasound where doctors informed her that she would not be leaving the hospital until the baby was born. The best-case scenario was she would go three months on bed rest and deliver closer to her due date. The worst case was that her little girl would be born that same day. Josh and Emily began to discuss their options for what they wanted to do if their baby was born early. They told the doctors to do whatever would be needed to save their little girl’s life.

The next day, Emily’s water broke. They were able to keep her from having the baby for a few more days. Just before midnight on August 11, Emily went into labor and just 1 hour later little Brynlee arrived. She weighed just 1 lb, 10 oz. But, she was alive and that was great news for her parents.

Brynlee was immediately whisked away. The next 72 hours would be critical. Her parents were not allowed to get close to her during this time. Amazingly, she made it through. Eventually they were able to work her into a schedule that allowed contact every 12 hours. Josh and Emily would have to wash carefully, put on gloves and simply reach in and touch their daughter for a couple of minutes - nothing more.

It wasn’t until much later that Brynlee was allowed to be held. She can now be taken out of her isolette and cuddled for an hour or two twice a week. She has problems with her breathing and must be continually monitored. She also has problems with her blood pressure due to a ductus in her heart that hasn’t closed yet. Doctors will have to perform surgery to close it themselves if it does not close soon.

Brynlee was able to leave the hospital and come home in late November. Even so, she will have to be monitored for her breathing for awhile. She will require considerable follow-up care for at least a year and will begin therapy as soon as she is strong enough to help in her development.

Sparrow Cash raised for Brynlee will help pay for ongoing medical expenses, and everyday living expenses for the family.


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