Bryan R.

Condition: Hydrocephalus and Cerebral Paralysis
City, State: Bend, OR
Club: Silver Rail Elementary School Sparrow Club Service Hours:
Date Adopted: 11/17/2016

Bryan's Story:

Bryan was born May 14, 2015 and it’s been an uphill battle for him ever since. He was born with hydrocephalus and cerebral paralysis, which has resulted in severe brain damage.

Bryan will require constant care as he grows and doctors say he may never learn to walk.

His mom stays at home with him to make sure he gets the care that he needs. She often travels with him to Portland for his doctor visits at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital.

He recently had testing done to check his hearing as well as his eyesight. Because of the damage to his brain he never could speak very much, so it’s hard for him to communicate. He’s generally happy and smiles a lot though, especially when his family is around him.

Having Bryan be ‘adopted’ as a Sparrow means a lot to his family. His dad works hard to provide for the family and make sure that Bryan gets the medical care and physical therapy that he will continue to need as he gets older.

Bryan is a happy and contented baby. He loves music and enjoys watching his brothers laughing and playing.

Sparrow Cash raised for Bryan will help with ongoing medical expenses, travel to Portland, and everyday living expenses. Students at Silver Rail Elementary will “earn” Sparrow Cash by completing a minimum of 256 hours of sponsored community service.


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