Avory C.

Condition: Samter's triad
City, State: Ellensburg, WA
Club: Lincoln Elementary School Dept of Athletics, Central WA University Sparrow Club Service Hours:
Date Adopted: 9/26/2014

Avory's Story:
Avory is eleven years old and is a 5th grade student at Kittitas Elementary. She lives on a farm with her family. They raise goats and chickens, and also have rabbits, cats and dogs. She likes art, 4-H and volleyball.

Avory was born 2 months premature and spent her first weeks in neonatal intensive care. She has had asthma and allergies her entire life and has seen many specialists. It has never been well controlled and has affected her daily life.

Sometimes Avory misses school or other activities due to not being able to breathe well. She has had countless ER visits and has been hospitalized many times. She was recently referred by her pediatrician to go to National Jewish Respiratory Hospital in Denver, Colorado. It was a big trip for the entire family as they were gone 16 days away from their home and work for travel there.

The program in Colorado was an intensive 10 days of testing. Avory received a diagnosis that included many pieces. She was diagnosed with Samter's triad, which is a medical condition consisting of asthma, salicylate/ aspirin sensitivity. It is in all sorts of foods and products like sunscreen that can cause allergic reaction, inflammation and swelling. She is very allergic to hay, which is a problem as she lives in Ellensburg. She will continue her care by seeing an asthma and allergy doctor often and desensitization to aspirin and hay are an option in the future.

Avory is a positive person who likes to help other kids who have medical problems, including those who have cancer.


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