Condition: Brain Tumor on Optic Nerve
City, State: OR
Club: Terra Linda Elementary School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 968
Date Adopted: 1/29/2008

Alyssa's Story:
(1/29/08) Alyssa is an incredibly adorable little girl who will turn seven later this year. Her cuteness however, does not accurately tell her story. At about 18 months of age, doctors discovered a golf ball sized tumor on her optic nerve in her brain. This has caused her to completely lose sight in her left eye. This courageous girl, who also goes by Aly, has continually faced many rounds of chemotherapy treatment and has many more to go. She has to go in every week to see a doctor for chemo. Currently the brain tumor, which is stubbornly refusing to shrink any smaller than a pea, is not life threatening, and we all hope that doesn't change. She is currently in her third round of chemo, each round lasting 16 months. The treatments make her tired and wear down on her body. Removing the tumor brings a very high risk of her losing sight in her other eye as well, so that is not an option unless something changes and the tumor starts growing again and becomes more threatening. She is in first grade along with her twin, Ajalae. She adores all three of her sisters- with Meridian and Roeyn being the younger ones. Alyssa absolutely loves art and playing princess. Her favorite food of choice are strawberries! Her frequent appointments make it challenging for her parents to work as much as they could. Sparrow Cash earned will help pay for basic family needs such as clothes, food, and rent.