Aimee D.

Condition: Microcephaly, Severe Developmental Delay
City, State: Marysville, WA
Club: St. Monica School Sparrow Club Service Hours:
Date Adopted: 10/28/2015

Aimee's Story:

Aimee Starla is a pure gold girl. She brings an extra heavy weight to our lives, but has a stunning, precious heart. Aimee has been beautiful from day one and full of amazing peace. Throughout her life, she has had to face many challenges and through her we have discovered genuine love.

Physically, Aimee has remained at the development of a small baby. As her body has grown, her brain has not been able to keep up its proper functions. Together with wise doctors, we have learned that the individual parts of her body are quite healthy, but the communication from her brain to each part is faulty. The wiring that is meant to send signals throughout her body is increasingly unreliable. She has needed more and more help to eat, to breath, to see, to cough, to eliminate, to move, to hear, ect. She has become more dependent on medications, equipment, and machines to keep her body functioning.

Despite the medical prognosis, we have learned much from our pure girl. We have become aware that there is a beauty in being entirely lovable when one has nothing tangible to offer the world. While we are all broken, whether visibly disabled or invisibly faulted, many of us feel our worth is based upon our ability to conjure up successes and perform good deeds. The beauty of being empty of these pursuits is seeing that each of us is valuable and precious without them. The truth of divine love reaches past ability, beyond our pursuits, to our true value. Aimeeā€™s life communicates this message to us through her immense weakness and in her astounding strength of spirit. It is the gift given to each person who seeks relationship with her.

Together with Aimee we will admit and face limitations. We will help her to meet continually arising challenges. We will be awed at her grace in the midst of the brokenness. Above all, we will treasure, learn from, and delight in Aimee for the whole length of her journey.


The Reusser Family Trust
The Reusser Family Trust The Reusser Family Trust