Malea "Mia" F.

Condition: Meningitis B Virus
City, State: Milwaukie, OR
Club: Corbett Schools Sparrow Club Service Hours: 736
Date Adopted: 11/20/2019

Malea "Mia"'s Story:
• Mia is a sweet and outgoing 9-year-old who is an inspiration to everyone she meets. She loves dancing, gymnastics, painting and drawing. Mia also loves popcorn, spaghetti, pizza and macaroni and cheese, watching YouTube videos, baby dolls and Barbies.

• When Mia was just 7 ½ months old, her mom noticed she had a small fever and took her to the doctor where they suspected a virus. However, later that afternoon her mom noticed a bruise-like rash on her stomach. Her mom made a decision that would save her life by getting Mia to the hospital.

• Within 45 minutes of being there, the rash had spread, and Mia was having difficulty breathing. She was diagnosed with the meningitis B virus, a life-threatening bacterial infection that attacks the brain, spinal cord and bloodstream. Doctors intubated Mia for the fight of her life.

• After 6 hours on the Life Flight ambulance and OHSU Panda plane, Mia arrived at OHSU. She spent over 111 days in the hospital where doctors worked diligently to save her life. The infection was so severe it caused the tissue on many parts of her body to be badly damaged. Doctors had to perform three separate surgeries to amputate both of her legs as well as multiple skin grafts on her body.

• Mia has endured over 150 surgeries in her life and has worked hard through all types of therapies to learn to adjust and grow stronger. She has been fitted for 8 sets of prosthetic legs. As she continues to grow, she will require more surgeries and procedures.

• Mia uses a wheelchair at times, as walking using her prosthetic legs for longer periods can be painful. Through all of this, Mia continues to be happy and positive. She is a true warrior whose spirit and determination make her truly an inspiration.

• Mia will be adopted as a Sparrow to Corbett Schools. Students will work hard to not only love and support her but raise money for Mia through sponsored community service and fundraising for special therapy, equipment along with medical and daily expenses.


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