Zeke S.

Condition: Dysphagia; Epilepsy
City, State: Grants Pass, OR
Club: Hidden Valley High School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 675
Date Adopted: 9/21/2017

Zeke's Story:

Zeke is an adorable baby boy who has just spent the first year of his life facing what will be a challenging medical journey.

Zeke was born on October 21, 2016, just a few weeks shy of his original due date. An emergency C-section was ordered at 37 weeks, when a severe case of Oligohydramnios was detected (low amniotic fluid).

About 8 weeks later, Zeke spiked a fever of 102 degrees. His parents rushed him in to see his doctor, who in turn, ordered a lumbar puncture and had him admitted to the pediatrics department. Test results came back proving he was suffering from a sepsis infection. During that visit, it was also noted that Zeke was struggling to nurse correctly. Determined to get the bottom of this; his doctor ran a few other tests and determined the struggle was due to a lip and tongue tie.

Further investigation on this issue led to a dysphagia diagnosis. His dysphagia was so severe that it made him a severe aspiration risk. In addition, his inability to swallow correctly required that a nasogastric feeding tube (NG-Tube) be placed in his left nostril.

To make matters worse, in March, Zeke started having seizures, as many as 3-7 per day. In April of 2017, Zeke was diagnosed with epilepsy. He was placed on various medications to address the seizures.

Currently, this little boy has had his NG-Tube removed and exchanged for a G-feeding tube. The hope of the G-Tube is to get little Zeke the nourishment he requires without the risks that are associated with his dysphagia.

Zeke’s journey will consist of various forms of therapy, possible surgeries, and other medical routes that may reduce or prevent further seizures.

Even with all he has already endured, Zeke remains a sweet-natured, observant, intelligent little baby boy. He lights up when he hears music, sets his eyes on his family, and discovers new colors and sounds.

Zeke will be adopted as a Sparrow to Hidden Valley High School in the fall of 2017. Students at HVHS will work hard to raise money for him through sponsored community service and fundraising projects.


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