Zavier J.

Condition: Brain Tumor
City, State: Phoenix, OR
Club: Phoenix High School Sparrow Club Service Hours:
Date Adopted: 2/02/2021

Zavier's Story:
Zavier is a very sweet two-year-old little boy who loves to meet new people. He has a wonderful smile and melts your heart by blowing kisses.

Zavier was born with a condition called achondroplasia. Achondroplasia is a rare genetic condition that results in dwarfism.

Dwarfism is defined as a condition of short stature as an adult. Zavier prefers to be called a little person.

Zavier has received physical therapy since he was six-months-old, and has just begun speech and swallowing therapy. Zavier travels to Portland every 6 months to monitor his lower spine and his achondroplasia.

In June of 2020, Zavier’s family received very scary news. Zavier had a cancerous brain tumor that required immediate surgery and chemotherapy treatments.

In January of 2021, Zavier completed 6 rounds of chemotherapy but the journey will require Zavier to have follow-up appointments in Portland every 2 months for a year to make sure the cancer does not return.

Zavier is one of the happiest babies you will meet. He is smart, loves people, and is a “mama’s boy.” He continues to prove he is a brave and mighty little warrior.

Zavier will be adopted as a Sparrow to Phoenix High School. PHS Students will work hard to raise money for Zavier through sponsored community service.


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