Tommy H.

Condition: Wilms Tumor
City, State: OR
Club: Hoover Elementary School Sparrow Club Service Hours:
Date Adopted: 2/15/2012

Tommy's Story:
Thomas “Tommy” Hegler is a sweet, talkative, and very active two-year-old little boy who loves cars, playing in the water, and being around people. In December of 2011, Tommy’s mother felt a hard lump on his stomach while changing his diaper. She took him to the doctor two days later and on December 28th, 2011, Tommy was diagnosed with a type of kidney cancer called Wilms tumor.

Surgery was performed on January 3rd, 2012, during which doctors found that the tumor had completely taken over one of Tommy’s kidneys. As a result, doctors had to remove Tommy’s entire kidney, along with the tumor, which had grown to a weight of over one pound. After recovering from surgery, Tommy immediately began a 21-week chemotherapy treatment plan. While chemotherapy treatment is often effective in the fight against this type of cancer, it does bring with it difficult side effects, such as tiredness, hair loss, and the development of painful mouth sores.

In addition to the weekly rounds of chemotherapy, Tommy has to have frequent scans and lab work. Tommy and his family have to make several trips to Portland for various appointments, but fortunately, Tommy is able to receive much of his treatment in Medford.

Hoover Elementary will adopt Tommy as their Sparrow for the 2011/2012 school year. Students at Hoover will work hard on community service and fundraising projects in order to raise money for Tommy and his family, which will help pay for uncovered medical needs and equipment, travel expenses, and will also help with basic living expenses during this difficult time.

The Sparrow Club at Hoover Elementary is made possible by the generous sponsorship of Airport Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac.


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