Taran D.

Condition: Quadriplegic Dystonic Cerebral Palsy
City, State: Portland, OR
Club: Corbett Schools Sparrow Club Service Hours: 1430
Date Adopted: 10/05/2017

Taran's Story:

Taran is a five year old boy with Short Gut Syndrome, Quadriplegic Dystonic Cerebral Palsy, Cortical Vision Impairment and Auditory Neuropathy.

He was born at 33 weeks with Gastroschisis, which means his intestines were outside his body. He endured his first five surgeries in the first week of his life to remove the non-viable parts of his intestines and try to save what was left. He spent the first 156 days of his life in the NICU and had a total of six major intestinal surgeries during his stay. At just four months he had his sixth surgery where they were able to create a working intestinal system. During this time Taran became septic several times and likely suffered a brain injury which resulted in Dystonic Cerebral Palsy.

He has had more surgeries in his life than any little boy should ever have to endure. Since his release date from the NICU, he has had a bilateral strabismus repair on his eyes, a cochlear implant, hernia repairs, a bilateral hip repair and multiple abdominal surgeries. His latest surgery in March of 2017 included more abdominal repair as well as an adenoidectomy and a tonsillectomy.

Taran is in the process of getting scheduled for another surgery in the next few months to help loosen the tendons in his arms and legs There are only two doctors in the world that perform this surgery, so he will have to travel to Texas for this procedure, and will likely have to be casted on his arms and legs.

Simply put, Taran’s little body is broken. Most of his parts do not work right. He cannot hold his head up, has no functional use of his hands, and cannot sit or crawl. He cannot eat orally and must be fed via a tube. Taran cannot see very well or hear.

Taran desperately needs our help. His family must keep up with all the costs of medical expenses not covered under insurance and the special food, therapy and equipment to properly care for him .

Despite all of these challenges, Taran loves his iPad. music, books and simply playing with other kids.

Taran will be adopted as a Sparrow to Corbett Schools. Students will work hard to raise money for Taran through sponsored community service and fundraising.


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