Condition: Medulloblastoma
City, State: OR
Club: Sisters Elementary School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 256
Date Adopted: 10/16/2008

Ricky's Story:
(2.18.09) Ricky has medulloblastoma, which is a brain tumor on his brain stem. He was diagnosed on October 4, 2007 after he had spent the previous summer being sick most of the time and having constant headaches. Once the diagnosis was made he was flown directly from Bend to OHSU Hospital in Portland. After the tumor was removed, there were some problems, and it left Ricky disabled. He lost motor skills on the right side of his body and some problems with memory. He had to stay in Portland for physical therapy and ended up being there until December 12, 2007. One thing Ricky really enjoys is playing with his dog "Sonny". He is also a huge Oregon Ducks fan. He was very athletic before he got the tumor but now he won't be able to play contact sports ever again. He does enjoy video games and coloring. And even though he's only 9 years old, he loves lattes! Ricky's family travels to Portland often for his chemotherapy treatments. Sparrow cash raised for Ricky will also help with everyday living expenses.


The Community of Sisters, Oregon
The Community of Sisters, Oregon The Community of Sisters, Oregon